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Key determinants

of a successful 


In history, breeders and scientists have studied the million-dollar question. There are a lot of tests such as genetic testing, muscle biopsies, and ultrasounds that have been used in the pursuit of upcoming champions. The real aptitude of a horse lies in his ability to perform under saddle. A good track rider will directly be able to point the gifted ones from the crowd. Their temperament, movement, tenacity, and breathing are the mark of the elite. This is since centuries a simple but tested and tried method to acknowledge through potential candidates to find the best value for your money.


hire a Starblue

Track rider

Starblue has its own thoroughbred track riders that can assist you in riding the horse you purchased or have a share in to benefit from a different source of advice not affected by a conflict of interest. The Starblue Track Riders are carefully selected and recognized as the best in the racing industry.  This service is available in Melbourne (AUS) and Sydney (AUS).
A daily fixed fee per horse will provide you with a highly skilled thoroughbred track rider and a full report based on the aptitude of your horse with maximum transparency.
The package includes:
  •  Videos, photos
  •  GoPro for the fast mornings
  •  Written Feedback
  •  E-tracker
*Please note that for this service to be efficient we advise you to hire a track rider for at least 2 consecutive mornings.
If you are already a Starblue investor please note that wherever are your progenies, will be ridden frequently by Starblue's horse riders to give you excellence in our consultancy services.
If you wish a permanent Starblue Horse rider at your disposition, for a time that suits your requirements, please contact us at
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