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Starblue Expertise 

Investing in a racehorse can be an intimidating process as it incorporates multiple risks. But those risks can be reduced through professional expertise. Our carefully-selected racing consultants have glorious experience and have been associated with some of the biggest names in the Racing Industry. Being exposed to the training process of different trainers around the world has given them a unique insight into the thoroughbred industry. 

Over the years, our racing consultants have worked closely with racehorse champions of their generation. Therefore, when selecting a horse for you, it is most likely that they have been previously associated with at least one of their parents. Such experiences combined with their personal judgment assist them in identifying horses that they believe possess the attributes to become successful. Our racing consultants will not only be part of your journey of selecting a racehorse but also in crucial decisions that follow such as, placing it with the right trainer and ensuring the progress of the racehorse is heading towards the right direction. Their commitment to your investment will remain ongoing to be able to avert any potential downfalls before they arise. 

Starblue Consultants have a strong understanding of the training and breeding industry and are able to recognise the details that make a difference between profitable and unprofitable racehorse investment. An industry of millions of dollars such as the thoroughbred industry is often determined by these details.

If you choose to employ our services you will benefit from our experienced team of experts who will guide you through a successful investment.

Key determinants of a successful racehorse

In history, breeders and scientists have studied the million-dollar question. There are a lot of tests such as genetic testing, muscle biopsies, and ultrasounds that are been used in the pursuit of upcoming champions. We strongly believe that the real aptitude of a horse lies in his ability to perform under saddle. 


A good track rider will directly be able to point the gifted ones from the crowd. Their temperament, movement, tenacity, and breathing are the mark of the elite. This is for centuries a simple but tested and tried method to acknowledge potential candidates to find the best value for your money.


However, we also use the most advanced speed gene testing called PLUSVITAL with all our horses to have more information. It analyses the DNA of your horse to predict optimum race distance, optimum race surface, and performance potential. This report provides positive objective, scientific information to support training and race entry decisions. This report is sent out to all shareholders with also comments from the track riders. 


Please see below a speed gene test that was ran on one of our horses: 

Our current results since the beginning of the racing season 2023/2024:
Starblue Racing- winners & placings/runners 65%


Our total results last season 2022/2023:
Starblue Racing- winners to runners 21%
Starblue Racing – placings (top3) to runners 45%
Starblue Racing – top 4 to runners 62%

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